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We provide treatment in phases for the best results. We use various modalities in order to provide you with individualized treatment for your particular problem.


We strive to make your visit beneficial and educational by guiding you through our effective treatment programs so you can get the most from your treatments.

From ear infections and sleeplessness to back and neck pain from sports injuries and chronic conditions, we can treat a wide variety of ailments.


As a family-owned and operated practice, we are completely focused on the preservation and restoration of your health and well-being.

Treating your painful conditions at the source

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Your health is our primary concern

-  Spinal adjustment

-  Traction

-  Ultrasound

-  Electrical Muscle Stimulation

-  Rehabilitative exercise

-  Cryo-therapy

-  Sombra pain relieving products

-  Scoliosis care

-  Cranio-Sacral therapy

-  Nutritional Response Therapy

Our chiropractic services include:

Our evaluations start with listening to our patient and checking their area of pain. Further evaluation includes palpation, visual inspection, neurologic, and orthopedic testing. Only when the source of the problem is found do we begin a chiropractic treatment. This includes correction of the spine as well as soft tissue therapy. Home treatment plans including exercise, the use of heat and ice, and lifestyle changes may also be given.

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